A diamond factory worker, Kalpesh, and his family were incapable of affording the humongous bills of transplant. That is when they got in touch with Dr Dhaval Naik, a well-known cardiac surgeon at CIMS Hospital Ahmedabad. It was his detailed counsel that gave the patient and his family confidence in full recovery.The path to recovery would have been rockier if not for Donatelife foundation, who counseled the family of a young man slain in an accident to donate his organs. The Surat boy’s heart was a perfect match for Kalpesh.The team of Donatelife made its way from Surat to Ahmedabad within 80 minutes for him who was admitted to CIMS Hospital ICU.However, any success story is incomplete without hurdles and defeating those obstacles with poise. This new heart didn’t immediately adapt to the new body and wasn’t functioning. So the specialist’s team put him on an artificial heart, named ECMO.This machine heart was placed in the body to perform tasks until the new heart gets adopted. Dr ..

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