The ‘Age of Anxiety’ supplies abundant scope for prophets, poets, and philosophers. We flip from Nostradamus to Nietzsche to demystify occasions for us. Given the quick consideration span of the fashionable reader, aphorisms provide all that our confused brains and fevered imaginations can take care of. Plain language and easy sentences that sound profound are reassuring. Every era has its sages true and false.

Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet was once the go-to e-book for the American Counterculture of the 60s and the New Age motion of the 70s and 80s. Somewhat in a similar vein is The King of the Sea, authored through yoga practitioner and musician Nandan Gautam. Describing it as a metaphysical novel, the creator writes that it’s also ‘a journal and a musical odyssey’. Of those, the remaining declare has essentially the most substance: he has created two musical albums, to be had on YouTube, as partners to the e-book. A thoughtful gesture, for the reason that tune is enjoyable and soulful. Undemanding.

The e-book, on the other hand, is one thing else altogether.
Sounding an excellent caution, its editor writes: ‘It breaks so many rules and conventions of storytelling that the reader could easily lose his way in it.’ He, on the other hand, urges the reader to ‘read, read some more, and keep reading’. For the undaunted reader who follows this recommendation and doggedly carries on, there are revelations aplenty, dispensed over 41 ‘books’ stuffed with bankruptcy titles comparable to: The Voice within the Sea, The Invisible Ship, The Fall from Grace, The Smell of Fear, What Never Happened, and many others. If there’s any connection between what comes earlier than and what comes after, it’s invisible.

The e-book is supposed for random dips. It gives an alphabet soup of prose, poetry, metaphysics, and the outright absurd. These choices come within the type of parables, unfastened verse, flash fiction, sermons, magazine jottings, private letters, Zen koans, epitaphs, tips about praying, and extra. They are evidence of the creator’s ingenuity. And the topics? Life, love, loss, remorseful about, forgiveness, god, loss of life… and so forth. Sample those traces from ‘The Day I Died’: ‘Was it the day I fell into the water? Or the day I stopped breathing? Or the day I was told I would fall one day? Or the day I realized I was dead?’ A singular function of the e-book’s design is that its pages—over 340 in quantity—are most commonly left as swathes of the white area between particular person traces, a small mercy.

Surprisingly, there’s a strive at a singular too. The creator’s internal adventure portrayed as a wanderer’s travels via earth, wherein a boat’s voyage options continuously. While the interior adventure will have resulted in self-growth and enhanced creativity for the creator, readers—even essentially the most imaginative ones—are left all at sea in a story without construction. The fictional send is peopled with a workforce of anonymous characters, identified best as The Captain, The Lead Ship Man, The Madman, The Leper, The Lute Player, The Winemaker, and many others. Everyone speaks in a pretend archaic tongue.

The Captain is in all probability essentially the most recognizable, if just for his hectic dependency of echoing himself. ‘The promised land is within you. I never lied to you, my friend. I never lied.’ The maximum mysterious is The Voice that looks and reappears at will, saying in italicised font (one amongst the 3 used within the e-book) for higher impact, phrases comparable to, ‘I divide you. Into two. Now you will haunt yourself for the rest of your life, till you become one.’ Other confounding and vaguely threatening assertions of The Voice come with, ‘Some surgical procedures are performed quietly, my buddy, very quietly.

For now not what occurs in the midst of the evening. While I take advantage of my needle, ever so slim, to sew. And my knife, ever so sharp, that it is going to now not awaken you from sleep.’While Gibran’s e-book stays one of the most absolute best-promoting titles on the earth, the rest is imaginable within the ‘Age of Anxiety’. Anything.

The King of the Sea
By: Nandan Gautam
Publisher: Notion Press
Pages: 376
Price: Rs 799

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