The news of Sebastián Athié’s demise was shared on Disney Channel Latin America’s Twitter account. The exact cause of his death is yet unknown.

Sebastián Athié, star of Disney Channel Latin America’s O11CE, has died at the age of 24.

According to Fox News, his cause of death is not clear at this time. The news of Athie’s passing was confirmed by Disney Channel Latin America on Twitter on Saturday.

The post read, which was originally written in Spanish, “Rest in peace, Sebas. Your art and your smile remain forever. With much pain, we regret the departure of Sebastian Athie whom we will always remember for his great talent, companionship, professionalism and above all, enormous heart.”

The post concluded, “We accompany his family, colleagues, friends and fans in his farewell.”

Here is the post

The actor’s management team, Cristina Chaparro Management, shared the same post on its own page. The Disney show Once — stylised as O11CE, followed a young man recruited to play soccer at a sports institute. Athie played a character named Lorenzo Guevara.

According to IMDb, Athie has only one other acting credit, having appeared in two episodes of La Rosa de Guadalupe, which translates to The Rose of Guadalupe. He appeared in the show’s seventh and eighth seasons as Samuel and Neto, respectively.

Daniel Panitio, an actor who appeared in O11CE alongside Athie, paid tribute to Athie on Instagram, sharing a handful of pictures and videos of the actor.

The caption, originally written in Spanish, said, “Noble souls do not die and your light will be eternal, passion, discipline and love, so I will remember you, my roomie, my friend, my brother, God have your holy glory, I do not understand many times his plans, and for the first time it makes me feel to lose a brother, life I owe you a lot, I will miss you.”

Here is Panitio’s post

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