Often we’re so engrossed in our day-to-day lives that we forget about those that are really in want. Providing any such revelation are authors Rashmi Bansal and Devendra Tak, thru their new guide, titled We Are the Champions, that exposes some hard-hitting realities skilled by means of kids.

Featuring the struggles of 15 underprivileged kids from India, the guide attracts our consideration to age-old evils nonetheless prevalent in our society. Through this guide, one learns about how kids have navigated their approach out of problems reminiscent of elegance, caste, and labor, amongst different elements.

Personal narratives like a boy dwelling in a slum in New Delhi, who makes use of rap track to champion alternate; any other one grew up at the streets of capital town and now creating a mark in Bollywood; and a woman from Jharkhand, who escaped two times after being despatched out as a home employee and is now putting in a business; are few of the various actual existence tales that encourage. The guide just lately had a comfortable release digitally because of the lockdown.

Talking about probably the most intriguing side of the analysis, particularly when it was once carried out within the capital town, Bansal says, “Many children in Delhi were interviewed, but two stories were finally included. Both of these stories showed unique efforts and passions. Salman is drawn to acting and uses theatre and acting to build social awareness. Sumit uses rap music. Salman grew up on the streets of Delhi and Sumit lives in a slum, yet they are able to rise over their backgrounds to become Changemakers and help the community and our nation to progress.”

While Bansal completed the writing and enhancing procedure the use of notes and audio-video recordings, Devendra Tak who heads media and conversation for Save the Children NGO started the mission and did all of the initial analysis and interviews. According to Tak, for the analysis, each kid was once met of their standard environment, which incorporated their house, college, and neighborhood.

Tak additionally talks about different steps taken by means of the authors, except the guide, to make the lives of kids higher.“The authors and Save the Children are committed to helping Changemakers continue to build meaningful lives. The book has given these 15 children a lot of visibility. Hopefully, there will be many readers who will begin to chip in to help with these children further,” he says.

We Are the Champions by means of Rashmi Bansal, Devendra Tak
Publisher: Bushfire Publishers
Pages: 206
Price: Rs 69 (kindle version)

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