In September 2019, PM Modi’s Twitter account was followed thru 50 million accounts. Within a span of 10 months, he has gained 10 million fanatics.

PM Modi is largely probably the most followed Indian on Twitter. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s following on Twitter crossed 60 million on Sunday. The Prime Minister however remains the third most-followed leader on Twitter after former US President Barack Obama who has 120 million fanatics and provide US President Donald Trump with over 83 million fanatics.

At 60 million fanatics, PM Modi may be necessarily probably the most followed Indian on Twitter. However, he stands at the 15th place on the report of followed accounts on Twitter.

Prime Minister Modi has gained over 4 million fanatics since April, 2020. PM Modi started the usage of Twitter once more in 2009 when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Meanwhile, PM Modi follows 2,354 folks on Twitter.

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