The Enco W31 is a pair of true wireless stereo earphones that Chinese smartphone maker launched recently as part of its bid to enter product categories other than smartphones. Priced at Rs 3,999, these earphones boast an in-ear design, something most of its peers in the segment lack, and an ingress protection rating (IP54) for water and dust resistance.

On paper, the Enco W31 seems to be a strong contender in the budget TWS earphones segment. But is it worth your money? Let’s find out:

Enco W31: Design

Though budget earphones, the Enco W31 boasts a design better than your regular ‘budget’ product. These earphones come in a petite circular-shaped charging-cum-storage case, which is convenient to carry and fits easily even in the most cramped places like jeans pockets. Made of plastic, the case has a matte texture with OPPO printed on top and a USB type-C charging port at the back. Overall, the case has a minimal yet functional design.

As for the earphones, they are stored inside this case, which opens like a sea shell. It is not particularly easy to separate them from the case, especially for people with fat fingers; the earphones’ thin stems are not easy to pick. Like the case, the earphones have an unconventional yet premium design that no other earphones in the segment matches. Moreover, the earphones’ in-ear design provides a secure and snug fit, and they do not come off on their own. The silicone ear tips are soft and do not go deep inside the ear cavity. While this affects the earphone’ noise isolation capability, it also makes them easy on ears; you can use them for extended hours without any discomfort.

OPPO Enco W31: Performance

The earphones’ audio output is not the best; they might sound muted even at max volume levels. However, the overall output quality is balanced and they manage to deliver distinct low, mid and high frequencies. For bass enthusiasts, the earphones have a dedicated mode that enhances low frequencies to boost the bass effect, and it works as intended. That said, the product covers the basics right and works great for music.

For calls, it is mixed bag of hits and misses. It has a dual-microphone set-up on each unit – one to recognise the voice and the other to suppress ambient noises. These microphones are sensitive and work optimally in most environments, but they struggle in some, such as windy weather conditions or markets with high noise levels. It may not be the best product out there but it gets the job done and seems to justify its affordable price tag.

Oppo Enco W31

The earphones support touch controls for basic operations — double-tap the right earphone to move to the next song, triple-tap any earphone to activate and wake up the digital assistant, and double-tap the left earphone to change between balance and bass audio modes. Unfortunately, some of the most basic options are missing — play/pause audio track and volume controls, for example. Moreover, the lack of app support restricts the earphones’ utility; you need to make do with whatever features and functions you get out of the box.

The earphones keep you going for around five hours on a single charge when used for calls and music only. It has an on-battery time of around three hours when used for music, and around two hours when used for calls. The case has a battery to charge the earphones at least thrice. With the case, the earphones sail through a day before asking for another charge. Charging time is slow: It takes around three hours to charge the case and earphones from zero to 100 per cent.

OPPO Enco W31 Review: Verdict

The OPPO Enco W31 is a promising pair of and its offers great value. These earphones make a good option for first-time TWS users or someone in the market for budget for calls and music. At Rs 3,999, the Enco W31 offers both style and substance. Consider it for its great design, comfortable and snug fit, decent audio quality and on-battery time.

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