On Father’s Day on Sunday, Jeev Milkha Singh thanked his father Milkha Singh for letting him make a choice golfing as a occupation.

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Jeev, who’s eyeing the senior’s excursion in two 12 months’s time, mentioned Milkha was once the driving force of his occupation and was once the “perfect friend, philosopher and guide” in his roller-coaster of a occupation as a qualified golfer. “He will always be my hero.”

In an unique chat with Outlook, Jeev mentioned he was once now working out the price of excellent parenting as his 10-year-old son Harjai is taking the primary tentative steps against severe aggressive golfing.

Milkha Singh together with his grandson. Image Credit: Outlook

“He (Harjai) has won a tournament already but I am not going to force him to take up golf as a career. My father never forced me to take up athletics,” mentioned Jeev.

The mythical Milkha Singh, now 84 and fantastically have compatibility, performed a the most important function in Jeev’s transformation into a qualified golfer.

“He gave me the freedom to chose my career and my love towards the game grew as I stayed close to a course and could go and play regularly,” recollects Jeev, now 48.

“Dad bought me my first golf set. It was a set for women because in those day, there were no customised clubs for kids like me,” remembered Jeev.

Milkha Singh, who was once nicknamed ‘the Flying Sikh’ for his good run within the 1960 Olympics in Rome the place he agonisingly neglected the 400m bronze by way of a whisker (0.1 seconds), was once the quintessential mentor as Jeev’s occupation took wings.

“He was more than just a doting father. I was travelling the world alone and there were so many provocations. I was a free young man and dad said it was important to build character and respect the culture in which we were raised,” mentioned Jeev.

“That freedom to talk anything under the sun with him was important growing up. Whether it was sharing a drink or talking women, my dad was my best friend. Nothing would happen behind his back,” remembered Jeev.

But Jeev’s most beneficial lesson in lifestyles and occupation got here from Milkha’s ancient race in Rome. “Dad regrets the fact that he was unable to pace his run. It wasn’t his perfect race,” mentioned Jeev.

“Dad told me how he did a big mistake by running the first 200 metres too fast. He has lost the power in the home stretch and paid the price,” remembered Jeev.

Jeev Milkha Singh together with his son. Image Credit: Outlook

An exact judgement of timing is vital in a qualified athlete’s lifestyles and Jeev admits he has incessantly messed it up by way of “rushing back from injuries.”

“I am responsible for not being at my best for trying to defy injuries many times. I didn’t obviously pace my career well at certain stages,” mentioned Jeev.

The maximum a success Indian golfer at the European Tour with 4 large wins and the primary Indian to damage into the sector best 100, hasn’t received the rest important after the Scottish Open in July 2012.

“But I am not giving up. I am planning to enter the Seniors Tour when I turn 50 and I will then be the baby of the tour. A new innings will start,” Jeev signed off.

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