The sun dynamic observatory (SDO) of NASA finished a decade of observing the solar ceaselessly closing month. Marking the 10th anniversary, america house company launched a time lapse video of the solar in all its glory.

The SDO has been collecting high-resolution photographs of the solar whilst orbiting across the earth from June 2010. Over the years, it has collected about 425 million photos which have been stitched in combination to shape the video. Data worth 20 million gigabytes had been amassed by way of the observatory the usage of 3 main tools, together with the atmospheric imaging meeting (AIA).

This 10-year time lapse of the Sun at 17.1 nanometers (an excessive ultraviolet wavelength that presentations the Sun’s outermost atmospheric layer – the corona) presentations the upward push and fall of the sun cycle and notable occasions, like transiting planets and sun eruptions.
Credits: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/SDO

Titled A Decade of Sun, each and every one 2nd of the video showcases one whole day. Hence, in a bit of over an hour (exactly 61 mins), you get to witness the solar for lengthy 10 years.   

One can see the upward push and fall of the sun cycle, together with transiting planets and solar eruptions. However, there were moments of occasional darkish frames. An article by way of NASA states that that is on account of the earth or the moon eclipsing the SDO as they go between the spacecraft and the solar.

A for much longer darkish segment may also be witnessed in 2016; this used to be led to because of some downside with the AIA tool that captures photographs of the solar each and every 12 seconds at 10 other wavelengths of sunshine.

The article explains that within the cases when the solar isn’t within the centre of the body, the SDO used to be calibrating its instruments.

Of the lengthy video, at time stamp 12:24, the 12 months is 2012 and we will see Venus pass across the face of the sun. This would now not occur once more till 2117. Many such attention-grabbing flares and eruptions are noticed during the video.

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