GUWAHATI: While the Nagaland government asserted that the Governor’s overview of legislation and order being precarious and grim and having deteriorated and collapsed since August 2019 does now not seem to be factual, opposing birthday party Naga People Front (NPF) said that the state govt’s reaction is an diversified number of distorted information and figures to lie to the Governor and the Naga folks at huge.

Nagaland Governor R. N Ravi, in a letter to Chief minister N Rio, said the state of affairs within the state is grim and legislation and order has collapsed. People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) coalition government, which has partnered with regional birthday party Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) and BJP, said this overview does now not seem to be factual.

NPF said that it’s been nearly a 12 months since R.N Ravi assumed the rate of Governor, following his appointment on July 20, 2019. Backing him, the birthday party stated that the written remark of the Governor, who had disclosed the precarious legislation and order scenario prevailing within the State all through the previous 12 months can’t be simply dubbed as a find out about that “does not appear to be factual.”

“Ravi isn’t a schoolboy not to perceive the fundamental parameters of figuring out legislation and order scenario within the State. A 1976-batch Indian Police Service (IPS) Officer, the person is a former Deputy National Security Advisor (NSA) who had served the Nation in quite a lot of capacities. This is show of political shrewdness of the most cost effective usual”, stated NPF.

The birthday party additionally added that, as asked by way of the Governor in his letter on June 16, a couple of days later, a gathering was once held between the Chief Minister and his Cabinet and the Governor on June 19, 2020. “What avoided the Chief Minister and his Cabinet from declaring there and then that the end result of R.N Ravi’s observation was not ‘factual’? When the matter could have been clarified officially, was it necessary for the Government to publicly humiliate the Governor by challenging the factuality of his observation in public domain through the Department of IPR”?

NPF added that, “as is clearly evident and noted by the Governor, there is steady down-slide in all parameters of development in goal=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Nagaland under the present day Government due to siphoning off huge amount of Government funds meant for road connectivity, healthcare, education infrastructures etc. and diverting them to various non-functional projects. The economic condition of the State is in a pathetic condition which is almost beyond recovery unless drastic measures are taken such as the present intervention by the Governor. While the economy of the State continues to be in doldrums, the financial position of the State is kept hushed up for reasons best known to those at the helm of power. Except for distorted facts and figures as already stated, the Government has refused to disclose the actual financial position of the State making its much-hyped catchphrase of maintaining transparency and accountability a castle in Spain”.

The opposition birthday party added that the reaction of the State Government to the Governor that the legislation and order is still “normal and peaceful” holds no water.

“Assessing the present state of affairs, one cannot help but come to the conclusion that the raison d’être of the present day Government is not for the welfare of its citizens as it ought to be. In any case, the autocratic functioning of the State Government since the past more than two years speaks for itself,” NPF said.

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