The Minneapolis Board of Education voted unanimously on Tuesday to terminate the district’s contract with MPD, which provided school resource officers at school buildings.

“George Floyd died on the street slowly and deliberately strangled and our children watched,” Jenny Arenson, vice chair of the board said during the virtual meeting on Tuesday.

“Minneapolis police, individual officers and the city have work to do. And until they demonstrate they have done that work, we need to separate our relationship.”

The decision comes after the University of Minnesota announced it would “no longer contract with the Minneapolis Police Department for additional law enforcement support” and it will not use the police department for “specialized services are needed for university events.”
The Minneapolis School Board is “preparing a plan that will support the safety of MPS students & staff in the coming school year” by August 18, Ed Graff, superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools, said in a tweet.

Despite the contract’s termination, the police department will continue to “work in cooperation with the Minneapolis Public Schools regarding safety and security issues,” MPD Deputy Chief Erick Fors said in a statement to CNN.

“The relationships that were built were impactful not only for the students and staff, but for the officers who had a calling to work with our youth through mentorship and engagement,” Fors added.

University of Minnesota will scale back ties with Minneapolis police after George Floyd's death

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is also considering severing its ties with the police department.

In its agenda for Wednesday’s meeting, the board wrote, “Recent actions by the Minneapolis Department in the Minneapolis Police Department in the alleged murder of George Floyd while in police custody have severely undermined community trust in, and sense of safety around, Minneapolis Police.”

“This severe undermining of trust and safety by Minneapolis Police does not support the Mission of the MRPB and has no place in our parks,” the board added.

The Park Board will also vote on a resolution that calls to redesign the uniform of park police officers so that it different from the design of city police.

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