This refers to the column “The new normal for public transport” by Mohammad Athar (June 4). The author’s suggestion to emulate China’s revised travel protocol for Wuhan and Shanghai might not be practical for the simple reason that India will be unable to bear any fiscal load owing to its limitations. Besides, any comparison with the Chinese way of working has to first presuppose a similar political system. While everyone extols the virtues of the Chinese economic system, no one in his good senses would prefer the politics of

Also, reconfiguring post lockdown, keeping in view the interests of all stakeholders, will make it costlier as it used to be in the 1960s. The will face a strong headwind as fliers will avoid all non-essential travel. This may lead to the idling of a good number of aircraft and partial use of airports and myriad other ancillary services. The economics of all these services will have to be reworked keeping the health-related issues in mind. But the revised cost of these services will push a major section of the commuters out of the ecosystem.

Ganga Narayan Rath, Hyderabad

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