This refers to the Take Two column “Policing the priorities” (June 3). First of all, thank you for clearing our misconception that our police force is understaffed and not sufficiently paid. Before discussing what went wrong at both Anand Vihar (Delhi) and Bandra (Mumbai) stations, we must understand that police in general do not have much of a positive image in the society, partially due to the behaviour of some of them and partially due to some misconceptions. They should have acted a little more sensibly during the two events. We know where the fault lies.

It is nothing but intriguing that despite having enough staff why should a state pay one-month’s extra salary to the policemen. Is there more to this than meets the eyes? As far as controlling crime is concerned, we all know how reluctant policemen at local thanas are to even lodge an FIR. All citizens ask for is that the police force should work efficiently.

Bal Govind Noida

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