This refers to “Policing the priorities” (June 3). The conclusion drawn in the column is wrong. It is noteworthy that the authority to investigate a case generally lies with the of­fi­cers of sub-inspector rank and above. In a few states, assistant sub-inspectors investigate petty offences.

Besides investigation, the same officers have to look into law and order, bandobast duties, manage patrolling duties amo­ng other things. Also the pay structure differs from state to state. There is a huge gap be­tween the salary of metropolitan city police and state police. There is also the lack of infrastructure in the department.

Many police qua­rters are in dilapidated conditions. A police officer cannot think about staying in a rented house as he can’t afford it. Still the police perform all duties, most of them without complaining.

S Das, Assam

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