India’s automotive market is resilient and likely to recover faster than others, Hyundai Motor India managing director SS Kim told Sharmistha Mukherjee. There will be a revival near the festive season, although demand will be return to pre-Covid-19 levels only early next year. Edited excerpts:

After restarting your Chennai operations, what is the ramp-up plan for production?

Presently, we are following two staggered shift operations. We are carefully observing how the situation unfolds and will consider scaling up operations as per market response.

What kind of challenges are you facing? Has the supply chain normalised? Is labour an issue?

We have also been actively involved in assisting our supply chain partners to acquire relevant permissions to resume operations and follow all government-mandated safety protocol. We joined hands with local government authorities to ensure adequate provisions are provided to all migrant labour to facilitate smooth operations upon restart at vendor facilities.

What is your sales outlook?

The Indian market has been highly resilient in challenging conditions and will be quicker to overcome the adversities than other countries. We believe the market will see some revival in the festive season and is likely to normalise early next year. Additionally, we see customer sentiment also shifting. We believe there will be an increase in traction for the compact and used car segments.

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