NEW DELHI: Ajit Pai, Chairman, US Federal Communications Commission, has said that India should allot 5G spectrum at an affordable worth for carriers to make an investment in networks and stressed out on the need for persisted dialogue with policymakers and regulatory our our bodies for the ‘need for speed’ in adopting the next gen technology.


“Our suggestions might be to follow some of the market based strategies, for example, to allow flexible use of spectrum and not to prescribe what particular applications or services that spectrum must be used for and let the market decide that,” Pai said at the U.S.-India multi-stakeholder webinar, on Monday.

“Also to hold free and open spectrum auctions with relatively reasonable reserve prices to enable spectrums’ deployment to the highest value to the user,” he added.

Pai moreover raised issues about Chinese neighborhood vendor Huawei‘s equipment very similar to routers, which “channel out hostile software powers to eject viruses and malware and steal americans’ private data, spy on US companies and more.”

“The equipment currently at the heart of 5G networks is currently dependent on just a few global suppliers and the bloat is right now on chinese company Huawei,” Pai said.

“This has raised concerns given that Chinese law requires all companies subject to restriction to comply with requests to the country’s intelligence services and bars disclosure of these requirements to third parties.”

Pai moreover urged Indian telecom stakeholders to be vigorous in chatting with regulatory officials and policymakers in regards to the importance of pushing ahead on next technology 5G networks. “The key is to be very very fast and it is important to press upon officials Indian to emphasise on the need for speed.”

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