Former Australian skipper Ian Chappell has recalled his brush with racism as he presented his perspectives at the raging factor, speaking a few time when he noticed fellow gamers being abused and discriminated towards however no longer with no notice of protest from him. (More Cricket News)

Racism is a subject of worldwide debate presently after the demise of African-American George Floyd by the hands of a white police officer in america.

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Several cricketers, together with West Indian stars like Chris Gayle and Darren Sammy, have spread out about their very own stories whilst voicing make stronger to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ motion.

“As racism is playing a prominent role in the current turbulent times, it’s worth reflecting on my experience of prejudice in and around cricket,” Chappell wrote in his column for ‘ESPNCricinfo’.

Chappell turned into conscious about racism most effective when he began travelling for cricket.

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“As a youngster growing up in a family where there was no notable prejudice, despite being in the era of the White Australia Policy, I wasn’t really aware of racism,” he mentioned.

“My first overseas tour was to South Africa in 1966-67 and it was an eye-opener. The apartheid regime was in power and we got a taste of its abhorrent nature after winning the second Test in Cape Town,” he remembered.

“‘Why don’t you pick Garry Sobers? Then you’ll have a team full of blacks’ was the offensive comment directed at Australian batsman Grahame Thomas by an ignorant patron in the team hotel. Thomas has Native American lineage dating back to the days of slavery,” he mentioned.

Chappell mentioned right through his tenure as captain, he barred the use of any word that had black in it.

“…in 1972-73, prior to commencing a home series against Pakistan and then touring the Caribbean, I spoke to the Australian players. I warned them if there were any terms of address prefixed by the word “black”, there can be bother.

“I said: ‘You don’t call someone a lucky white b******, so why include the word ‘black’ in any outburst?’ I never heard any such comments from those Australian players,” he mentioned.

He additionally printed that West Indies legend Viv Richards had as soon as spoken about an Australian participant the usage of racial slurs however confident later that the subject were looked after out. The incident, he mentioned, came about right through a 1975-76 sequence.

Recalling any other incident the similar yr, Chappell narrated how a participant of color in a mixed-race International Wanderers facet — controlled by way of Richie Benaud and captained by way of Greg — was once focused.

“…we travelled to a floor outdoor Port Elizabeth to look at gamers of color who were not allowed to compete within the Currie Cup festival on account of South Africa’s apartheid regulations.

“John Shepherd, who played for West Indies and Kent, and is of the most gentle people on this earth, was part of our side. As we were leaving, a member of the crowd shouted out: ‘Why don’t you paint yourself white, Shepherd, and then you can be like the rest of them’,” Chappell wrote.

“This is the sad reality of racism. What is implied often cuts deepest.”

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