It is necessary that your Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) account is KYC compliant. If the EPF account isn’t KYC compliant, then you are going to no longer have the ability to avail of more than a few products and services online at the Employees Provident Fund Organisation’s (EPFO) Member e-Sewa Portal. Some of those products and services come with submitting withdrawal declare, switch of account, making the nomination, and many others.

If your EPF account isn’t KYC compliant, then the EPFO can reject the provider request raised by way of you and ask you to first make your account KYC compliant.

Here’s how you’ll be able to take a look at and whole the KYC procedure on your EPF account.

Checking KYC compliance in EPF account

There are 3 ways to test in case your EPF account is KYC compliant. The first means is by way of checking your UAN card. UAN stands for Universal Account Number.

A. KYC Status by the use of UAN card

Step 1: Log in to your account at the Member e-Sewa Portal.

Step 2: Select the ‘UAN card’ tab below the ‘View’ tab.

If the KYC for your EPF account is done, then the UAN card will display ‘Yes’ in the entrance of the KYC knowledge row.

B. Documents which might be authorized below KYC tab

Another method to take a look at in case your EPF account is KYC compliant is by way of checking the paperwork which might be authorized and verified within the EPFO information. This will also be checked within the ‘KYC’ choice below the ‘Manage’ tab at the Member e-Sewa Portal. The EPF account holder can take a look at the paperwork below the ‘Digitally Approved KYC’ tab.

The tab will display the checklist of paperwork which might be authorized and verified. For example, for any on-line declare submission Aadhaar is necessary. Therefore, one should be sure that Aadhaar is discussed and verified within the checklist of paperwork. Similarly, bank account and IFSC main points proven within the paperwork should be the right kind for a well-timed credit score of the EPF price range.

C. By checking on the EPF India web page

The 3rd method to take a look at if the EPF account is KYC compliant is by way of visiting this web page: Here, click on the ‘Track EKYC’ choice. After this, you are going to be requested to go into your UAN and captcha code.

If your account is KYC compliant, then the next message will seem in your visual display unit: “Dear Member, Your Aadhaar Details XXXX XXXX against UAN XXXX XXXX has successfully been verified. Online EPFO services linked with Aadhaar can be availed.”

However, if the KYC isn’t finished for your EPF account, then you’ll have to whole the KYC procedure.

How to finish the KYC procedure

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Select the ‘KYC’ choice below the ‘Manage’ tab.

Step 3: Select the paperwork that you will add. Do remember the fact that it’s necessary to hyperlink in your Aadhaar to UAN to be eligible for on-line declare submission. Similarly, PAN could also be necessary if the collection of provider years is lower than 5 years on the time retreating the price range. Also, your checking account with the right kind of IFSC should be related to your UAN for the well-timed credit score of EPF withdrawal.

Step 4: Enter the record quantity, title as in line with the record, and different main points (see symbol) within the respective fields. For example, after deciding on record sort ‘financial institution’, you are going to be required to go into your financial savings checking account quantity within the record quantity house, title as in line with the financial institution information within the title as in line with record filed and IFSC in a different box.

Similar steps need to be taken in the case of PAN and Aadhaar. The paperwork required to be uploaded depends on what’s lacking from the paperwork required i.e. Aadhaar, PAN, or checking account main points and many others.

The EPFO portal lets in the next paperwork to be uploaded as evidence for the aim of KYC:

a) Bank

b) PAN

c) Aadhaar

d) Passport

e) Driving License

f) Election Card

g) Ration card

h) National inhabitants check-in.

Step 5: Once the paperwork of your selection is uploaded at the EPFO portal, click on save.

The standing of your KYC will likely be proven below the ‘KYC Pending for Approval’ tab. Remember you are going to be required to post the record evidence in your employer. The EPFO will replace your KYC main points for your account best after your employer has verified your paperwork.

As in line with the FAQs discussed on the EPF web page, the device may even cause SMS at the particular person’s registered cell quantity as soon as the KYC replace is approved by way of an employer.

One your KYC is authorized, the standing of the paperwork that had been uploaded and submitted by way of you in your employer will likely be proven within the ‘Digital Approved KYC’ segment below the KYC choice. The paperwork will likely be proven as ‘authorized by way of status quo’ and ‘on-line verification standing’.

In case your employer isn’t approving KYC’s main points, you’ll be able to at once method management or HR division with the request. If it’s taking the extra time you’ll be able to escalate it to better authority within the organization. If nobody is responding to your request you’ll be able to method EPF criticism by the use of as in line with the FAQs.

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