A brand new e-book on Prime Minister Narendra Modi via a senior BJP member is about to hit the stands. The e-book titled “Narendra Modi: Creative Disruptor, The Maker of New India” is written via R Balashankar, a member of the BJP central committee on coaching.

The e-book is an in-depth evaluation of Modi’s have an effect on Indian polity and its path at some point.

One of the chapters within the books is named “The Anti-Modi Front” wherein the creator talks about award wapsi, intolerance, and ban on cow slaughter.

The creator claims that ever for the reason that NDA got here to energy, “those who had been opposed to Modi personally and BJP ideologically had been waiting to catch the government falter and stray from its development agenda.”

The creator additionally says that the incidents of mob violence can’t be used as an alibi to tarnish the picture of the rustic and the Prime Minister.

On the ban on cow slaughter, Balashankar claims that the opposition to the ban is extra communal and political than humanitarian. He says, “there is a high level of hypocrisy and doublespeak in the Opposition to a ban on cow slaughter.”

Below are a few of the excerpts from the e-book:


 If one has been to gather the incidents over which the intolerance debate came about, it could be laughable as a result of none of those have been taking place in India for the primary time, nor the ultimate. Murders of writers, the so-called modern thinkers, robberies in church buildings, killing of a person from the minority group, and burning of the hut of a Dalit—those and far worse have taken place all over six many years of Congress rule. With common frequency, Hindu-Muslim riots have taken place in every single place the rustic, with the bulk group taking the brunt of the assault. People were butchered worse than livestock and but none had spoken up. If one has been to enter the main points of each and every one of those incidents, it could be transparent that stray, concocted occasions have been joined in combination to create a mirage, whose most effective objective used to be to tarnish the picture of the Modi executive. Ever for the reason that BJP-led NDA got here to energy, those that were hostile to Modi in my opinion and BJP ideologically were ready to catch the federal government falter and stray from its building timetable. They were impatient to identify the emerging of the perimeter parts to seize the center degree in Indian polity. When neither took place, they determined to take issues into their hand and release the tirade, for which they wanted little gas. Returning awards conferred upon via the Indian state used to be the largest weapon that they had. 

Congress is speaking about intolerance, but if in energy they have been even vital about permitting personal universities in training. The rationale for permitting personal universities is that the federal government has to spend six in keeping with cent of the GDP on training, as in keeping with UNESCO pointers. The Vajpayee executive allowed the non-public sector to go into training in a large means in order that funding in training could be on par with the evolved international locations. In overseas international locations, maximum universities are within the personal sector. These come with Harvard, Boston, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and different most sensible names.


The opposition to a ban on cow slaughter is extra communal and political than humanitarian. The proponents of freedom to consume cow meat fake as though they are going to cross hungry without that.  They invoke secularism, Constitution, the proper selection on delicacies, Dalit, Adivasi and minority rights, process loss and livelihood of butchers, and decline of leather-based business to enhance their proper to kill the deficient cow. The query is, are those now not a similar set of people that on more than a few events champion the reason for pacifism, animal coverage, coverage for stray canine, atmosphere, and human rights? Why are they now not ready to percentage their common love with the bovine species too? Only as it is thought of as holy for the Hindus? Do they consider that opposing the rest that  Hindus dangle in esteem is secularism?

There is a prime degree of hypocrisy and doublespeak within the Opposition to a ban on cow slaughter. Though the controversy used to be it appears induced via the selections of the Maharashtra and Haryana governments to prohibit cow slaughter, the controversy is as outdated as India’s freedom movement. The majority of Indians have been by no means reconciled to the speculation of killing the holy cow for meat. Any quantity of argument is not going to persuade them if they’ve now not been satisfied for 900 years. Even the Islamic rulers, with a couple of exceptions, and the British revered this sentiment. Philip Mason in his ebook  The Men who Ruled India describes this.

‘Mahatma Gandhi, whom the BJP combatants quote for all seasons and causes, used to be a perfect crusader of cow coverage.  This used to be one of the crucial primary planks of the primary Gandhi-Jinnah Pact, sometimes called the Lucknow Pact of 1916. Gandhiji tirelessly championed all through the liberty motion to advertise cow coverage because of the central theme of his gram swaraj. In this,  he used to be in sync with the mainstream opinion within the Congress represented via all smartly revered nationalist leaders, together with Jawaharlal Nehru.

The e-book, printed via Konark, has a foreword via BJP leader Amit Shah, a creation via Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, and a message via Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari.

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