New Delhi [India], June 4 (ANI/Mediawire): Anticipating the need for SAFE FASHION during such testing times, fashion wear brand Freakins takes pride in introducing the STW (Sterilized till worn process), focusing on the packaging of the product with specialised sterilized bags keeping the safety of its customer at the core of this innovation.

The brand is also soon launching the AV40 process – Antiviral Chemical Process on all their fashion products from the next collection.

At Freakins a superior denim workshop, best known for its high fashion denim offering, the wellbeing of their customers, employees as well as the environment has always been their top priority.

The brand’s latest innovation the STW process safeguards the product with a special grade layer bag, ensuring 100 per cent sterilization guarantee. Every clothing bag comes with a colour-coded paper, which will indicate the application of sterilization before and after the treatment.

Freakins next collection will also showcase products specially treated with Antiviral Chemical Treatment which will ensure 100 per cent elimination of any virus or bacteria and retains its fundamental properties until 40 washes.

Keeping in mind the current circumstances around COVID-19, the antiviral chemical treatment to be adapted by Freakins will not only actively inhibit viruses and kill bacteria upon contact to the surface, but will also minimize the potential for re-transmission of pathogens from textiles to surface. The treated garments are skin-friendly and hygienic, making it perfect for everyday use.

Freakins is known to follow a ‘Be Bold and Fearless’ philosophy. Their designs are experimental yet trendsetter. They showcase an excellent sustainable remodelling of the widely used fast fashion business model. Freakins offers a variety of denim wearable for women like jeans, skirts, tops, joggers, dresses, shirts and jackets, assuring of high-quality products at an affordable price.

The brand updates new designs every month with buy one get one free offer running on their website throughout the year, allowing constant freshness to the consumer’s closet. Practising sustainable Fast fashion, the brand also offers an eco-friendly collection that reduces the use of water, electricity and chemicals by 75 per cent.

“Slowly as the country reopens and people start getting back to work, the need of safety is the utmost priority for all given the current health concern in the world. We want to offer products that make one feel safe and confident. We are very proud to introduce the STW process and our team have shown great insights and have done incredible work, we are delighted to launch our new safe product range,” said Chief Operating Officer Shaan Shah, while commenting on this innovation.

“As a brand, we are constantly investing in R & D to curate ethical fashion that caters to the needs of our customers. Covid-19 has made consumers realise the kind of risks they are exposed to when it comes to their lifestyle. The receptiveness to products that are long-lasting and hygienic has increased amongst the audience; foreseeing this at the early stage gave us a chance to create this work model that would help everyday fashion in the long run. We believe as a united front we can overcome these times with the necessary precautions adhered to,” said Sachin Shah, Owner Avadat Apparels (Parent company of Freakins).

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