Sushant Singh Rajput’s manager, Shruti Modi’s lawyer, Ashok Saraogi has said that the actor’s family has dragged his client’s name as she did not follow the family’s instructions. He said, “It is possible that she did not follow the instructions of the sister, so they may have some grievances. They wanted certain account details from her which she declined to part with.”

Recent reports have suggested that Rhea Chakraborty’s lawyer Satish Maneshinde, mentioned a life insurance policy of Sushant Singh Rajput that has a huge amount attached to it. However, Saraogi said that his client was not aware of it. He added, “I am not sure about that, but there should be one as even an ordinary person has life insurance.”

When asked if Shruti told him about the actor’s sisters spending his money, Saraogi said, “Sushant’s sister Priyanka had spent his money in April 2019.” But when told that Priyanka reportedly hired and fired those who worked for Sushant, Saraogi said that his client is not aware of any such thing. Recently a video went viral showing the actor’s sister Priyanka pulling up accountant Rajat Mewati for issuing salary to Sushant’s boy, Pankaj after he was fired by them. It indicated that she did control things at her brother’s house. While talking about the actor’s family, he said they had an apprehension that Rhea Chakraborty would take away his things from them that is why this case has been filed by the family. Saraogi said, “The chats that have emerged were from July 2019 show that the family was aware that he was taking medicine.” Will they be prosecuted for hiding this fact? “It does seem that they lied before the police and court, but I don’t think they will be prosecuted,” said the lawyer.

When asked if Shruti Modi knew about drugs being used by the actor, Saraogi said, “When she found out about it after 10 days of joining, Shruti decided to quit but Sushant told her to stay back and told her that he will not be a party to it. So she continued to work as his manager on this condition.” He also confirmed that Shruti was part of the meeting when Sushant spoke about planning his future, Saraogi said, “She was part of the meeting where they were planning to secure the actor’s finance.” With the drug angle coming to the forefront, Saraogi has claimed that Imtiaz Khatri is a supplier both in Bollywood and political circles, and it is an open secret. So what does he is suspect has happened to the actor? Saraogi said that both suicide or murder are serious issues.

This story has been published from a times of India feed without modifications to the text. Only the headline has been changed.

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