Tesla CEO Elon Musk is back on Twitter after he had announced on June 2 that he would be staying off the social media platform for a while. Within less than two days of this announcement, Musk is found to be retweeting videos of the recent joint space mission of SpaceX and NASA. Having said that he hasn’t tweeted anything yet.
Fans of Musk were a bit concerned about him taking a break from Twitter but it appears that he hasn’t deleted Twitter from his phone just yet. To recall, in November 2019, he had announced his breakup with Twitter but lasted for about four days. It is pretty well documented that Tesla CEO Elon Musk loves Twitter and Twitter loves him back. And his fans expect him to be an active Twitter user.
Earlier in June 2019, Musk had tweeted, “Just deleted my Twitter account.” But Musk was back on Twitter on a jiffy. The strange thing about that tweet was that Musk’s account was well and truly active. The tech billionaire enjoys a massive fan following – he has 35.4. million followers – and his tweets fall in informative, funny and borderline absurd categories.
Musk doesn’t share the same love for Facebook though. Recently, he tweeted, “Facebook sucks” in a reply to a comment made by Facebook’s head of AI who had criticised Musk in a tweet.
This is not the first time that Musk has been ‘accused’ by someone at Facebook of not understanding what AI is. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also in the past termed Musk’s views on AI as “pretty irresponsible”. Musk and Zuckerberg aren’t really the best of friends.

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