NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court (HC) observed that electorates have the right to know about their representatives’ meetings behind closed doors, dismissing expelled AIADMK leader Sasikala Pushpa’s plea seeking direction to Facebook Inc, Google LLC and YouTube LLC from publishing her defamatory photographs with a man belonging to a rival political party.

Pushpa had claimed that her image was being tarnished as her alleged morphed photos and videos with a man were uploaded on social media.

The court also directed Pushpa to pay 2 lakh each to Facebook, Google and YouTube as compensation.

“Considering the fact that the plaintiff is a politician, participating in the electoral process and is a representative of the people, the people and/or the electorate certainly have a right to know that the plaintiff behind closed doors meets and hobnobs a man to whom she is not married and particularly a man who belongs to a political party, which is a rival of political party to which the plaintiff belongs,” the court said.

Sasikala, who had filed the suit in September 2016, joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in April this year.

The High Court, in an earlier order, had restrained Facebook, Google and Youtube from publishing or showing any alleged derogatory photographs of Pushpa after she claimed that some unknown persons were threatening to tarnish her image by uploading her morphed photos and videos.

She had sought an injunction order against the social media platforms on the ground that they have not made any attempt to verify the authenticity of the photographs before uploading them.

PTI contributed to this story.

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