New Delhi: India and Bangladesh will open a brand new bankruptcy in regional connectivity from September Three via increasing the scope of inland water delivery mechanism that will allow to spice up industry within the area.

In May the 2 facets signed the addendum to the Protocol on Inland Water Transit and Trade (PIWTT). The selection of Indo-Bangladesh Protocol (IBP) routes have been larger from 8 to 10. This comprises the Sonamura- Daudkhandi stretch of the Gumti river and the operationalization of the Rajshahi-Dhulian-Rajshahi routes with the extension as much as Aricha.

With the second Addendum to PIWTT, 2 new protocol routes, five new Ports of Call, and a couple of Extended Ports of Call were added. This takes the no of protocol routes to 10, ports of name to 11, prolonged ports of name to two.

Inland Water Authority of India has been discussing with Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority for the early operationalization of the newly added PIWTT direction 9 & 10. The first pilot motion in this direction could be performed on September 3.

The operationalization of the brand new protocol direction will very much facilitate the bilateral industry, with progressed reliability and value effectiveness for the business group and the folks of each the international locations.

Excellent connectivity supplied via the prevailing and the newly added protocol routes is the entire extra pertinent within the provide Covid-19 state of affairs as it’s going to be instrumental in offering economical, sooner, more secure and greener mode of delivery for investors and business communities of each the international locations and also will have environmental advantages for the area.

The Sonamura-Daudkhandi direction will reinforce the connectivity of Tripura and adjacent states. The Rajshahi-Dhulian direction will increase infrastructure in Bangladesh and cut back the transportation price of stone chips to Bangladesh.

Among the newly added ports of name, Dhulian, Maia, Kolaghat, Sonamura, and Jogigopha are at the Indian aspect whilst Rajshahi, Sultanganj, Chilmari, Daudkandi, and Bahadurabad are at the Bangladesh aspect.

Further, two extra prolonged Ports of Call – Tribeli (Bandel) and Badarpur on Indian aspect and Ghorasal and Muktarpur on Bangladesh aspect – were integrated thru this addendum. With this, the full selection of ports of name is now 11 and two prolonged Ports of Call in each the international locations.

Inclusion of Jogigopha in India and Bahadurabad in Bangladesh as a new Port of Call will supply connectivity to Meghalaya, Assam, and Bhutan. Currently, there are six ports of name each and every in Bangladesh and India.

The two international locations have additionally agreed to introduce industry between Chilmari in Bangladesh and Dhubri in India thru the usage of shallow draft mechanized vessels. This initiative will permit the export of stone chips and different Bhutanese and North East shipments to Bangladesh and simply get entry to for the investors to the hinterland of Bangladesh.

The settlement will permit Inland vessels of each the international locations to ply at the designated protocol direction and dock at Ports of Call in each and every nation, notified for loading and unloading of shipment. It will lend a hand spice up bilateral industry and connectivity between the 2 international locations.

The determination so as to add new protocol routes and inclusion of latest routes and addition of latest ports of name to facilitate industry between the 2 international locations was once taken in October 2018 which has now been operationalized.

The Protocol for Inland Water Trade & Transit (PIWT&T) was once signed between India and Bangladesh in 1972 to offer inland waterways connectivity between the 2 international locations for the bilateral industry in addition to reinforcing the connectivity to the North East States of India thru waterways. In the FY 2019-2020, approx. 3.five MMT of shipment was once transported between India and Bangladesh at the protocol routes.

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