NEW DELHI: Mumbai was spared by Cyclone Nisarga after suffering much less damage than initially expected.

“The cyclone made landfall a little more south-east than we were expecting, decreasing its effect on Mumbai, Thane, and the surrounding areas,” said M. Mohapatra, DG of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) to ET. Raigarh suffered the most damage from the cyclone, Mohapatra added.

Cyclone Nisarga, which intensified to a severe cyclonic storm early on Wednesday morning, made landfall at the Maharashtra coast just south of Alibaug between 12:30pm to 3:30pm. It carried wind speeds of 102 kmph, per the IMD.

Total rainfall in Alibaug was 51 mm, while Mumbai measured a total of 62 mm. Rains in excess of 200 mm were anticipated by the national forecaster.

South Mumbai saw a wind speed of 33 kmph, while suburban Mumbai came in at 22 kmph. The financial capital was expecting storm speeds in excess of 100 kmph. Mohapatra said that due to its proximity with Raigarh, south Mumbai saw more rainfall and higher speeds than suburban Mumbai. Thane saw minimal rain and speeds.

Travelling at 23 kmph, the cyclone then lost its intensity and weakened into a cyclonic storm on Wednesday evening, with the eye of the storm in Pune district. No further damage will be caused, said Mohapatra.

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