MUMBAI: The Shiv Sena on Monday hit out at Union minister Nitin Gadkari‘s remarks on the need to decongest Mumbai, announcing if smart cities like Mumbai and Pune are created in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the population density of the country’s financial capital will naturally come down.


An editorial in Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamana‘ claimed that virtually 1.50 lakh migrant labourers, who went to their native places throughout the lockdown, have returned to Maharashtra as they “do not have any work” once more area.

Mumbai has been significantly contributing to the national treasury, alternatively it has “not got the due share of financial assistance from the Centre” inside the struggle against COVID-19, it claimed.

Gadkari ultimate month said there is a need to decongest Mumbai since the densely populated the city goes via “disastrous consequences”, in regards to the mounting coronavirus circumstances.

In response, the Sena on Monday said, “If you create smart cities like Mumbai and Pune in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the population density of Mumbai and Pune will come down naturally. Jobs should be created in those states first.”

Gadkaris concerns will automatically be addressed if those states create more and more infrastructure, the Marathi e-newsletter said.

“Nearly 1.50 lakh migrant labourers have returned to Maharashtra all over again throughout the lockdown period. They do not have any artwork in their native states. The explanation why at the back of it is that building has now not reached those states, it said.

Some seven to eight lakh migrant workers went once more from Mumbai to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Odisha (throughout the lockdown), it well-known.

“Nearly three lakh left from Pune and now they have got started coming once more. This is what is increasing the weight on Mumbai and Pune, the Uddhav Thackeray-led birthday celebration said.

“It clearly implies that hunger is prevailing over the coronavirus threat. People are ready to take the risk and are travelling on the lookout for jobs, it said.

The Union government offered the ‘Smart City‘ mission in June 2015, alternatively how numerous it has in fact materialised in such a large amount of years? the Sena asked.

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