The United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Monday expressed concerns over ongoing Chinese aggression along India-China border, and called on Beijing to resolve its dispute with India using ‘diplomacy and existing mechanisms’.

“I’m extremely concerned by ongoing Chinese aggression along Line of Actual Control on India-China border.” Eliot Engel, Chairman of House Committee on Foreign Affairs, said.

Engel said China is demonstrating once again that it’s willing to bully its neighbours rather than resolve conflicts according to international law. Countries must all abide by same set of rules so that we don’t live in a world where “might makes right”, he added.

“I strongly urge China to respect norms and use diplomacy and existing mechanisms to resolve its border questions with India,” the Chairman of House Committee on Foreign Affairs said.

Meanwhile, China today said the situation along the LAC is “stable and controllable”. Diplomatic and military communication channels are open between the two countries on the border issue and the two sides can properly resolve it through dialogue.

“Currently the overall situation along the China-India border is stable and controllable. Both diplomatic and military communication channels between China and India on the border issue are open,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a press briefing.

“We believe that the two sides can properly resolve the issue through dialogue and consultations,” he added.

Tensions have escalated along the LAC in the last few weeks following skirmishes between Indian and Chinese troops. There was a face-off in Sikkim and the troops of two countries are in a stand-off in Eastern Ladakh.

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