Most of the contestants appear thinking about getting into the Bigg Boss area which a shopping center, a cafe, a spa, and a theatre this season.

After somewhat of lengthen, the 14th version of Bigg Boss premiered on 3 October with Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan returning to host for the 11th time.

With a big number of tv actors, the contestants come with, Rubina Dilaik, actor husband Abhinav Shukla, Eijaz Khan, Jasmin Bhasin, Nishant Singh Malkani, Nikki Tamboli but even so a couple of those that have already tasted good fortune in different fact displays — Pavitra Punia (Splitsvilla 3 finalist), and Shehzad Deol who was once declared a finalist for Ace of Space Season One. Then, there may be a singer and host Rahul Vaidya, Punjabi singer and actor Sara Gurpal, radio jockey-turned-actor Shardul Pandit, Kumar Sanu’s singer-son Jaan Kumar Sanu, and Radhe Maa.

Before getting into the home, the contestants spoke with Firstpost about their pleasure, the controversies anticipated and all of the strategizing they’ll need to do.

With boredom atmosphere in because of coronavirus and lockdown, many of the contestants appear thinking about getting into the Bigg Boss area which a shopping center, a cafe, a spa, and a theatre this season. Also, a lot of them feel that the Bigg Boss home is a more secure position to be on those occasions of a pandemic.

Television actor Eijaz Khan, who rose to status via enjoying the lead roles in Balaji Telefilms serials Kkavyanjali, and Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa, was once approached for plenty of seasons however this was once probably the most opportune time for him to take part. “I misplaced depend of the way repeatedly I’ve been presented Bigg Boss up to now however I couldn’t make up my thoughts. I felt this was once the appropriate time from my existence and occupation standpoint and in addition as a result of Bigg Boss home is a protected house to be in. One too can use the potential for getting showcased and receives a commission for it too.”

Eijaz Khan and Nikki Tamboli dance at the opening episode of Bigg Boss 14 | Image from Twitter

The contestants had been examined for COVID-19 a few occasions and quarantined in a resort in Mumbai, and the ones examined unfavorable had been finalized for the display. “It will be a good change in the midst of a pandemic, our life is getting so monotonous. I really can’t wait to go inside the house. I have been thinking about how things will unfold inside but now I feel whatever will happen I will face it. I am gearing up, I want the battle to begin,” mentioned tv actor Nishant Singh Malkani who’s these days noticed as lead within the day-to-day cleaning soap Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.

Talking in regards to the ‘battle’, everyone knows that controversies and fights pass hand-in-hand within the Bigg Boss area. Ugly bodily and verbal spats between Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz within the remaining season, meant to be probably the most a hit in garnering TRPs, stay contemporary within the minds of other people. However, many of the contestants are geared as much as face any untoward incident and don’t consider strategising for the scenarios which might be these days unexpected.

“My learning from all the seasons has been that the world will try to pull you down, the world will try to dim your light but you should stick to what your thought process is. Do what you like and stay strong. You can’t escape ugly spats but right now I cannot assume that this is how things will unfold because every year different kinds of people enter the show. But whatever situation comes up, mentally I am prepared to face that,” mentioned Jasmin Bhasin.

While agreeing that a lot of aggression, violence, and ugliness can have been having shied away from within the earlier season, Pavitra Punia is hoping that she isn’t made the objective. “I wouldn’t like my family, my personal life, and my relationships getting dragged into the show. I won’t be able to take that. Last season was quite successful but whenever I watched it I couldn’t understand what was happening and I would switch off. Many times I did feel that it was getting too controversial and I don’t like these shouting matches. In terms of TRPs, it must have been a hit show in the entire history of Bigg Boss but it was too extreme. But yes, it was also interesting with a good mix of romance, fights, and cuteness,” mentioned Punia, furthering, “Yes, of course, controversies will happen but it depends upon you how far you want to go. How much you stretch it will depend only upon you.”

Bigg Boss 14 contestants open up on controversies strategies as they ready for the reality show amid pandemic

Host Salman Khan with Rubina Dalaik and Abhinav Shukla | Image from Twitter

Chhoti Bahu and Shakti Astitva Ek Ehsaas Ki actress Rubina Dalaik, who can be getting into the home together with her actor husband Abhinav Shukla, mentioned that even though she would possibly keep away from unpleasantness she is going to at all times be there to get to the bottom of fights and make certain that the surroundings she’s dwelling in were once wholesome. “Look, there’s no scope of inside strife between my husband and me. We have at all times been utterly clear about our courting. But if one thing will impact the surroundings that I’m staying in, I will be able to no doubt attempt to get to the bottom of it. Of direction, I received’t keep an eye on somebody as a result of I will be able to be busy enjoying my recreation, too, however, I will be able to do my bit. There can be positive reactions, politics, which is inevitable. But I received’t feel embarrassment about popping out with some incorrect identification, or if some unfavorable side of my character is published. We are people. The great thing about each and every particular person is the rawness and flaws that we’ve got.”

Armed with the revel in he has had at the fact display Ace Of Space, Shehzad Deol is all set to fulfill his co-contestants coming from other reviews and backgrounds. “Preparation in terms of being confined in an environment with many participants is something that I have already done. I have done my homework. It was like a training academy for me. But there will always be unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes desperate times need desperate measures,” he says. Deol furthers, “It’s just that you have to put your point across and at times in a stern manner. Being peaceful doesn’t necessarily mean being a ‘Yes’ man and that is not my personality. Disagreeing is not bad and in that, if you have an argument then voices are going to get raised because you have to put your point across. But I don’t want to fight unnecessarily which I have seen happening in certain seasons in the first few days and episodes. People just want to get noticed but I believe in putting my point across logically, sternly and very clearly,” he added.

Deol wants to use a similar ability set within the Bigg Boss area that he would use in any celebration or a meeting for being well-liked. “I had few strategies under my belt but I have forgotten all of that now while I am in a hotel. If I go with a plan it will go out of the window on the third or the fourth day. Instead, it is important, to be honest with yourself. Be organic, be real, and if you are entertaining people outside the house when you go for a party, or a gathering, then you will be loved by the Bigg Boss audience as well. What is the difference? It is just that there will be about 150 cameras covering me and I am not camera conscious. I am not afraid of anything,” mentioned Deol.

“Every season is going to have different circumstances and issues, you can’t stereotype it, you can’t pre-decide that ‘Okay, I will behave like this or that way’ because you are going to be in a completely different situation each time. You just be yourself and chill,” mentioned Rahul Vaidya, who claims to have by no means noticed an unmarried season of the truth display. “But yes, since the time I confirmed doing the show I did watch a bit of last season on social media. It was nice to watch, there were issues, there were repercussions, there was violence and filthy things said to each other,” mentioned Vaidya, occupied with how the target market would react to his recreation. “People have seen me as a singer, you haven’t seen me in a place where there is a situation which has made me angry or made me very happy. This is the first time people will see what I am as a person. Having no strategy should be one strategy in Bigg Boss,” he says.

Jaan Kumar Sanu, son of Kumar Sanu, popularly referred to as the king of the melody of the ’90s, believes in being adaptable and spontaneous and stands via flooring for what is true, “Because eventually, people fall in love with the real people. That became very clear in the last season. Siddharth Shukla has shown everyone how to play the game. He has unapologetically been himself, and in doing the same I am hoping to win lots of hearts and also hopefully lift the trophy,” says Sanu. “You can’t have a fixed strategy as the situation in the house is dynamic and forever changing. Then, the reactions of contestants are so unpredictable that your strategies won’t help,” he provides.

Sums up Eijaz Khan, “What you see is what you get. Strategies don’t really work over there though there have been people who have stuck to their strategies for three months and come out a winner I don’t think I am cut out that way. I liked the no-nonsense strategy of Siddharth Shukla. I can relate to the fighter spirit of Asim Riaz, and Shehnaz Gill was very cute.”

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