Latest entrant in the two-wheeler EV space, BGauss has commenced online bookings for its two electric scooters, the A2 and B8. The company has setup a dedicated website wherein it is accepting bookings for a minimal charge of Rs 3,000. Deliveries of the ones scooters have been confirmed to start out from August 2020, with Pune, Navi Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru throughout the first segment of operations.

Both the ones alternatives A2 and B8 are being manufactured at the company’s Chakan facility in Pune. Collectively, there it will likely be five variants depending on the type of battery decided on on the scooter. The brand it will likely be investing a whole of Rs 125 crore over the next Three years. Fluid design, low repairs, great power, fast charging, IOT and additional it will likely be one of the highlights. The flagship offering, B8, comes with a 1,900W hub-mounted electric motor that can be specced with each a difficult and speedy lead acid battery or removable alternatives of lithium-ion or Li-tech battery. The minimum charging time, as claimed, is Three hours while the maximum is seven to eight hours that is expected to send a variety of 70-78 km.

The choices document incorporates Bluetooth and IOT alternatives paying homage to navigation, commute metrics, a long way flung diagnostics, live tracking, geofencing and full charge alerts. BGauss it will likely be offering a warranty of three years on the motor and the car whilst that on the battery it will likely be one or Three years, depending on the sort. The second scooter, A2 is offered with a hub-mounted 250W motor, that can be each mated to a difficult and speedy lead acid or a removable lithium-ion battery. The claimed using range for every the ones variants is claimed to be 110 km, with a minimum charging time of 2.15 hours and a maximum of seven to eight hours. The company is throughout the method of making its non-public motor, controller, twine harness and plenty of others and goals to succeed in 100 % localisation in 9 to 12 months. In the initial segment, the company is planning to supply 80,000 units throughout the financial 12 months 2020-21. It will have a product sales and service neighborhood spread all the way through India, spreading over cities throughout the southern and western house throughout the first segment.

Here are the ex-showroom prices of every the models along with all its variants

B8 – Lead acidINR 62,999/-
B8 – Lithium ionINR 82,999/-
B8 – LI TechINR 88,999/-
A2 – Lead acidINR 52,499/-
A2 – Lithium ionINR 67,999/-


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