BENGALURU: As India is lifting lockdowns in quite a lot of portions of the rustic in a phased means, it’s anticipated to peer an additional upsurge in Covid-19 instances because of higher transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus, calling for enhanced trying out features.


In view of this, the Indian Council For Medical Research (ICMR), whilst arguing that it’s vital to scale up trying out capability to the utmost imaginable ranges, has invited producers to make fast antigen kits which are reasonably priced and supply fast effects.

Karnataka too, after having used those kits within the Ballari cluster, is having a look to obtain the similar because it ramps up trying out features amid rising choice of instances. Experts have already recommended the federal government to introduce those kits.

In a gathering ultimate Friday, leader minister BS Yediyurappa was once recommended that fast antigen check be carried out for BMTC, KSRTC, ASHA, anganwadi and well being staff, police body of workers, railway body of workers, supply boys, auto and cab drivers amongst others.

“The gold standard RT-PCR diagnostic test for Covid-19 has limitations in terms of widespread availability. In view of this, there is urgent requirement of reliable and convenient rapid point of care antigen detection assays with high sensitivity and specificity. Such assays could be used as potential diagnostic tests in all possible public and private healthcare settings and made available for mass testing,” the ICMR stated.

So a ways, the council has validated and licensed just one fast antigen detection assay from SD Biosensor, a company that has branches in Gurugram, China and Korea. “…ICMR invites applications for validation of rapid antigen detection tests for Covid-19 from all manufacturers who have developed such a test,” a notification learn.

Dr V Ravi, a virologist at Nimhans and member, Karnataka Covid technical committee, defined: “Unlike antibody kits, which measure a body’s response to the virus and are not diagnostic, antigen tests will tell us if a person is positive or not. RT-PCR, for example, detects the virus’ genetic material, the antigen tests detect the virus’ protein. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, it would be the S-protein.”

He stated that antigen exams have an accuracy of 50% to 80% of RT-PCR certain samples, this means that that if a check comes certain at the antigen kits, there could be no use for an RT-PCR check, however in case it presentations damaging, the pattern must be re-confirmed via an RT-PCR check.

“It is a very simple test that needs no sophisticated labs or trained personnel. You collect the samples and place it on a strip — like a pregnancy kit — and wait for the line. In about 20 minutes, it will tell you if it is positive or not,” Ravi added.

He stated that whilst there’s a large call for for antigen kits, the truth that there’s just one licensed company might lengthen procurement. “But it is good that ICMR has invited other companies to also get their kits validated,” Ravi stated.

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