NEW DELHI: On average at least one person died in every second road accident during the lockdown between March 24 and May 30, according to an analysis of road crashes and fatalities by a not-for-profit organisation dealing with road safety issues.
“Overall, 750 road crash deaths in 1,461 accidents have been recorded in the country over a Covid lockdown period of over two months. Migrant workers killed during their commute back home comprise 26.4% of the overall deaths during the lockdown whereas essential workers comprise 5.3% of the total deaths. 68.3% of the overall deaths involve general/other road users,” the study by SaveLife Foundation said.
In the analysis based on instances of road crashes and fatalities reported across media, the Foundation said the fourth phase of lockdown was the worst as it recorded 322 deaths. Nearly 60% of migrant workers killed in road crashes were reported during the third phase of lockdown. This is presumably because of the large number of migrants walking back home during this phase.
It said 198 migrant workers heading home were killed in these crashes adding that the data has been compiled using media-tracking and multi-source verification. Uttar Pradesh accounted for over 30% of the total deaths at 245 followed by Telangana and Madhya Pradesh each reporting 56 deaths.

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